Qualified European Photographer
President of Professional Photographers Association of Slovak Republic
Story of photography: 
One of the most inspired story, which have ever influenced me, is story of light. When I recognized, what word photography means ... Translated it is literally drawing with light... So I have started to notice light. Everywhere. Mornings, evenings, at home, away...
Every time, when I watched beautiful lighting scenery arranged by nature, I tried to remember and analyze... At the beginning I couldn't work with the first class illuminating facilities, I created my own tools, which could help me to shape light...I developed different tools and some of them I have used until now...
It has changed my view on world and things, which happen all around... Many times I perceived things, which in normal situation I wouldn't reflect... Father dandled daughter in the park, man on wheelchair, who during intense rainfall flogs among the cars over the crossroad and you observe it through the window full of raindrops looks more like tears...
I have still felt so sorry, that I left camera in studio...
Try to complete this perception of light by music and suddenly you see different world ... grey color disappears... color space CMYK changes for RGB... Andrea Sobotová
Feng Shui Consultant
Member of Slovak Association of Feng Shui

I was inspired by many books about Feng Shui, especially those of Lillian Too, the world’s most renowned Feng Shui expert.
I was inspired by french professor Michel Vinogradoff and his seminar about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology and also Dan Winter and his seminar about Sacred Geometry.
Then I started implementing the rules of Feng Shui myself, and the results were immediate. It affected me greatly, and has positively influenced the lives of my family and friends. This motivated me to take my studies to the next level, so I flew to Malaysia.
There I attended Lillian Too’s “Institute of Feng Shui”, and attained my certification as a “Feng Shui Consultant”. This fulfilled my lifelong dream to meet and to be taught by Lillian Too herself. I was impressed by her knowledge, enthusiasm, warm-heartedness and her positive energy and motivations.